SMPS Industrial Ferrite Transformer

Push Pull Ferrite Transformer

We manufacture and supply high quality push pull Ferrite transformers, which are a type of forward converter Ferrite transformers and used for general purpose or replacement use in push-pull tube output circuits. Precisely designed these push pull Ferrite transformers are usually used in high power switching Ferrite transformer applications exceeding one kilowatt. Further, they are used in a circuit known as a forward converter circuit. We offer these push-pull Ferrite transformers at most competitive prices.

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High Power Ferrite Transformer

Offering a wide range of high power Ferrite transformers, which are catering to the demands of worldwide SMPS Industries. These high power Ferrite transformer are fabricated by us using the high-B materials, which are procured by us from the reliable vendors of the markets. These high power Ferrite transformers are offered by us at industry leading prices.

• Capacity up to 300kVA
• High current reactors, magnetism products and inductance winding
• High-B material
• Outstanding design
• Low temperature rise
• Low noise
• High reliability
• Eco friendly

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Forward Ferrite Transformer

We offer high standard forward Ferrite transformers, which are also known as distribution Ferrite transformers. These forward Ferrite transformers are used to supply relatively small amounts of power to residences as well as small units. These forward Ferrite transformers are used at the end of an electrical utility's delivery system. We offer these Ferrite transformers in different capacities to meet the requirements of our clients.

• H.V.current amps
• L.V.current amps
• Winding copper
• RoHS compliant

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Fly Back Ferrite Transformer

The FLY Back Transformer is a high frequency, high voltage transformer Flybacks are capable of generating some decently high voltages, typically anywhere from 10 to 35kV.

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Line Filter

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of line filter transformers and laminated transformers with input/output specifications as required by client. Thin laminations ensure low eddy current loss. Transformers are available for both 50 & 60 Hz frequency thus compatibility is not an issue. Our diverse range of transformers find wide application in Home Appliance, Entertainment Electronics (TV, Audio), Microwave Oven, Emergency Lights, Adapters, Power Supplies, Power Conditioning, Telecom, UPS, Information Technology Products, etc.

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